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Bolstered Fitness

1-on-1 Virtual training to boost your fitness journey.

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About Me


My enthusiasm for exercise and fitness started early in my life, in a desire to emulate and replicate the physical feats of various individuals. I’ve had the time and opportunity to experiment with numerous work-out routines and styles, and I still enjoy trying out different things as I continue to develop.

Throughout my time, I’ve had the opportunity to help friends, family, and co-workers with my accrued knowledge and experience to help them improve their health and day-to-day life quality, which has been a strong motivating force in itself. Having been able to help heart attack patients resume normal daily activities and take steps to improve their health or teach basic strengthening exercises to people recovering from injuries and surgery, and see hope and pride swell in them as they progress, these have been some of the most fulfilling experiences for me.

Pursuing a career as a trainer was the logical next step for me, and I approach teaching and training with the goal of helping everyone I work with to feel more able and confident as they identify and reach their unique goals. 

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